BR (ex-LMS) 20 Ton Brake Vans

The contents of this pack are detailed below.

These models are representations of the 950 LMS 20 Ton brake vans built to diagram 1657 between 1927 and 1931

Types of van included

Plain sides Lookouts (Duckets)

Liveries included

Bauxite - black underframe Grey - black underframe
Bauxite - grey underframe Grey - grey underframe


Passenger view

Passenger view included in appropriate colour

Passenger view

Passenger view is inside the van, or on the veranda (use arrow keys to change)


Other Features

Lamps All vans have tail lamps which are added when the headlamps are on
Numbers All vans have prototypical numbers, allocated automatically
4 x LOD levels


Summary and ordering

The pack contains the 2 variants, in the 2 liveries, with black and grey underframes.

That's 8 vehicles in total.

£1.00 (+VAT if applicable)

In order to comply with the new EU VAT regulations I am obligated to charge VAT at the rate applicable in your location.

To make this easier I have elected to provide my products via a third party system, FastSpring.


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"Try before you buy"

Still not convinced of the value of this pack?

You can download this free trial version of the van in the Bauxite/Black livery and see for yourself.

This is a fully working version with all the features listed above, including the interior

The only difference is that it has been watermarked to show it is a demo version.



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